June 23, 2018

things that makes me happy & trip to kyoto

one of the thing that makes me happy on regular basis is to see the little surprises in my mailbox that are not bills or advertisements. I use postcrossing very regularly, so on most of the days my mailbox stays very happy with lot of postcards from complete strangers. some cards are really special and i like to stick them on wall above my desk.

on the other note, i am planning a short trip to kyoto. this is the second time i am going to japan.

p.s. i finally managed to change the look of my blog. now it's more clear with larger photos.

June 17, 2018

state of mind - june

finally the college is over and job search is on. 

somehow feeling very anxious as the days pass. planning to travel for the first time in 3 years. i went to india twice but it was far cry from calling it a vacation. those trips always exhaust me. in past three months i managed to rot all the fruits and vegetables that i bought. so for last one month i didn't buy anything besides bread, butter and avocado. and ate lunch and dinner outside every single day. but during these three months i read three books, the summer book by tove jansson, sherlock holm novel by arthur conan doyle and a lone fox dancing by ruskin bond. there are still shelf full of books waiting for me. 

in only few sentences i rambled about, starting from my anxiety to travel to groceries to books. clearly not in a good state of mind

June 1, 2018

1st June - overdue post

I planned to write the post long long time ago but past one and half month was very uninspiring.

I started my internship but faced problems related to visa and thought I might lose my job and also fail the college semester. But at the end everything becomes alright. Next week I will finish my internship and I will have graduation a week later. Can you believe that two years just flew by? After that the real life will begin once again and I will have to start the job search.

Feeling really anxious about the future... Wish me luck...

Meanwhile here are some more black and white photos from the forgotten roll.

PS - I have been trying very hard to change the layout / theme of blog but completely failed. So any tips are welcome.