December 24, 2009

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all

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November 19, 2009

Japanese Calender for Jan 2010

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November 13, 2009

Small trip to a sacred place (Satara)

I am not an enthusiastic person when it comes to visit the holy places. Main reason is most of the places are located on mountains; so you have to clime hundreds of stairs and they are always crowded.
But to my surprise this place was very easily accessible by car and was not crowded at all. Only 3-4 families were gathered for rituals. We could see the goddess and even performed the rituals properly. The entire activity took not more than one hour.

The temple was small but really beautiful. View from top was breathtaking.

One more good thing about this place was photography was allowed and I could take some beautiful photos of goddess.
Later went down to village for lunch. After lunch we started our journey back home. The road to Satara City was lonely but beautiful.

On the way we stopped for train to cross. After many years I have seen the railway crossing on road.
This was first unforgettable trip to a sacred place.

September 22, 2009

KL Tower Animal Zone

Ticket to KL Menara Tower is bit high but it includes tour of small KL tower animal zone and F1 simulator. These two places are must visit along with KL tower.

Animal zone has almost all species of snakes, many species of spiders and some birds and monkeys. All the reptiles were kept in the surrounding matching their colors. This is must visit place along with tower. With small charge you can take photo with snake and iguana. (This time I refrained myself from taking such photos. I already had taken few in Sentosa with two snakes around my neck.)

Enjoy the below photos taken at KL Tower Animal Zone

September 7, 2009

KL Menara Tower

If you don’t have time to roam around in city and still want to see it. The best way is to get on to the tallest possible building for the entire view of the city.

We did exactly same while in Kuala Lumpur. Early morning from Sky bridge of Twin towers we got great view of KL. To be on Sky bridge is great experience but view was very limited. Sky Bridge is only 170 meters high. :)

For more spectacular view we went to KL Menara Tower also referred as KL Tower. Tower’s height up to roof is 335 Meters and up to antenna 421 meters. 360° viewing observatory is located at 250 Meters. High speed elevators take you at that height within a minute.

Many huge binoculars are kept in the observatory. View of KL city was really spectacular. (See some of the photos). Twin towers also could be seen.

August 13, 2009

Fish Spa @ KL

It was our first day in Kuala Lumpur. We decided to visit KL Menara tower and bukit bintang.

We changed two trains and walk for about 1 km asking the address of KL Menara. Finally when we were near the tower, it started raining. We took shelter at bus stop. Waited for almost 1 hour but rain had showed no sign of stopping. Intensity increased every minute; finally we gave up and took taxi back to hotel.

Spend some time in hotel lobby. I saw a long queue starting from Hotel gate to first floor. I asked many people working in hotel about the queue. I got only one answer that there is a shoe sale going on. I couldn’t understand why to queue up for sale? We observed these people for while. The room where the sale was held was allowing only 3-4 people at time. Till end I couldn’t understand the reason being standing in queue just for pair of shoes and those were not even free. :)

In the evening we left for Bukit Bintang. This area is famous for shopping and many big shopping malls. In one of the mall I found a Fish Spa. Decided to try it. It was half an hour session and I could manage to sit for only last 10 minutes.

The moment you dip your legs in the water; 100s of fish accumulate and start biting. They actually don’t bite but when so many fishes touch their mouth to your leg it tickles horribly. I tried changing the place where there was less number of fish but no use. You sit anywhere; they understand that these are NEW LEGS ;)

Once you get used to it, then its great spa. Those fishes eat dead skin and make your legs very soft. I wish I will be able to do it again. :)

See photos below… those are my legs…. Really

July 31, 2009

Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers are the tallest twin towers in the world. Towers can be seen from anywhere in KL. Best experience is to visit the Sky Bridge connecting two towers.

To visit sky bridge; we reached there at 7.30 am to get the ticket. It is free but limited tickets are available everyday. Luckily we got the ticket in 1 hour and immediately went up to see the bridge.

Sky Bridge is at 170 meters height. We reached there within 1 minute by high speed elevators. This is must see place in KL and one of the amazing experiences.
See the photos below of Twin Tower taken during day, night and from various places.

Photos of Sky Bridge and view

July 14, 2009

Genting Highlands - Fun above the clouds

Fun above the clouds is a tag line of Genting Highland and it is absolutely true. I have never seen an amusement park at 6000 feet above the sea level. Excitement starts at Genting skyway which is worlds fastest and South East Asia’s longest cable car. This was the most exciting journey; as the cable car passes through dense forest and climbs several mountains. At one point we were totally covered by clouds. View was breathtaking.
View from Genting Skyway
View from Genting skyway (Cloudy)

Genting highland has 5 hotels; 3 theme parks, one plaza, a casino, 2 discos and many more things and all are connected by covered walk way. This was the best thing; as we don’t have to carry umbrella. It rains almost everyday.

As we were tired of whole day journey (stated from Singapore); we decided to take some rest in hotel. My room was on 15th floor with wonderful view of surroundings. When I took these snaps many places were almost covered in fog.
View From Hotel
View from Hotel (at the time of Sunset)
In the evening; we went out to explore the World Plaza. I was amazed to see a theme park inside a shopping mall; Giant wheel, dragon train and many other rides. They were placed in such a wonderful way without affecting shops; restaurants and people.
Indoor Theme Park inside a Shopping Plaza (Click on photo to get enlarged view)

Later Amit tried hands on Archery. I don’t remember how many times he hit the bull’s eye.

I got free tickets of Dreamz show for that night. It was 3 hours show; similar to circus. 5 bikers showed real stunts. They had a white tiger and a white lion as an attraction of show.

Night we took a tour of Casino. It was so huge that we couldn’t find the exit after going inside. It was full with several machines; 100s of slot machines and thousands of people playing till late night. We spent about 50 ringits.

Next day was full of excitement. Many rides were waiting for us. We spent half day in all adventurous rides. It’s better to go empty stomach in these rides. For two three rides we had to wait in long queue.
Outdoor Theme Park

Best ride was a Space Shot where 12 people are tied to the seats. They take you up to 185 feet above the ground and drop you down with speed of 65kmph. For 1-2 seconds you lose contact with seat and feel like in air.
Space Shot
Amit enjoyed the ride called sky venture. It is similar to skydiving. It gives feeling of jumping out of airplane and freefalling through sky. He got the certificate also for that.
Photos after Sky venture (Blue Dress) & during Go-Karting

We then tried Cyclone, spinner, grand prix fun kart, adult bumper car, flying dragon; these were little adventurous. Also tried the children’s rides Carousel, antique car, and tea cup. I loved spinner most; I took this ride for 3-4 times.
My favorite ride - Spinner
Antique car ride

By 4 o clock it started getting dark; not because of early sunset but due to fog. The place became so much cloudy that it was difficult to see the object at 10 feet. (See the photos below)

After enjoying these rides; we headed towards Snow World. This was the first time I have experienced the snow all around me. This was the great place in Genting Highlands.
Snow World

After taking some rest and lunch; we went for some shopping. It was great to find some good stuff like purses; earrings, shoes at 6000 feet. :)

Later in the evening we tried Venice Gondola ride inside a shopping plaza and few more rides of Indoor theme park.

Late night we headed towards Safari disco. I didn’t like this place much as they had no good collection of songs and it was only loud but without proper rhythm. Only enjoyed few drinks and headed towards our hotel. On the way we lost 50 more ringits; guess where? Couldn’t resist ourselves to visit casino once more.

Next day morning we took a cable car ride back to Kuala Lumpur. This ride also was equally exciting.
View from Genitng Skyway on the way back to KL
Genting trip added itself to my unforgettable tours.

July 9, 2009

Road trip – Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

We choose to go by bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. It was a 5 hours journey by a luxurious double deck bus. We got front seats with huge glass in front of us.

Our Bus - Aeroline

Leaving Singapore

Just within 1 hour we crossed the border of Singapore and entered Malaysia. One long bridge connects these two countries.

Bridge connecting Singapore Malaysia

Outside immigration hall of Malaysia I found this interesting direction indicating board. Go straight for Malaysia, take right for Singapore.

Interesting sign board (Click on image to enlarge)

Entering Malaysia

We were happy to see the long and wide and beautiful road. Nice lawns were created on both sides. I was happy to have the best view through huge glass.

The road was straight and there were no turns or twists. Initially we were excited to see such beautiful road and took so many photos. But this road continued for 250 km. All the excitement gone by the time we reached KL. (Finally Amit fall asleep).

Beautiful road

After 5 hours long not tiring but little boring journey we reach our destination. KL is bustling city like Mumbai. We captured Twin towers and KL Menara tower before entering the main city.

View of Twin towers before entering KL city

Journey is not over because KL was not the final destination of the day. After withdrawing some Malaysian ringit (*tip – it is better to withdraw money from ATM than carrying currency; it is much cheaper) we headed towards our actual destination. Read next post to find out…

Sentosa Island - Singapore

Sentosa Island in Singapore is place full of fun. Since morning till night there are hundreds of things you can do. During our Singapore trip we had decided to spend one full day on this island. Best part of Sentosa is; travel within the island is free. :) First of all; I couldn’t believe but it is true. But only transport is free rest everything is fairly expensive.
We decided to go there by cable car. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes but it has spectacular view. It was raining on that day and but luckily rain stopped as we reached Sentosa. We opted for glass bottom cable car by paying little more than regular cable car. But the bottom was so thick that we couldn’t see anything from that.

Cable car from Singapore to Sentosa

View From Cable car

After reaching there; we bought tickets for Ocean world and took a free bus to that place. It was really fun as I could touch so many fishes; especially flying fish and star fish.
Touching fishes- I loved flying fishes; they were very playful

I had seen the Ocean world in Bangkok also. This was also similar to BKK.

Sometime I do crazy things… to spice up my trip and its memories for future; I took some snaps of mine with two snakes around my neck. Something to confess here; I was scared but still did it. :)

Afternoon we went to see the Dolphin show. This was really amazing. I have always seen the dolphins on TV and this was the first time I saw them in real.
After the show, I saw a rope bridge (as we see in the films) and wanted to get on to it. I saw a board written there which says that we were at “Southern most point of Asia Continent”. Wow… that was great feeling as I had never been to such place before.

Sentosa is full of fun and don’t allow you to get boar. After roaming around for long time; we were set for some adventurous activities. Luge ride is best activity here. It’s a small bike with some unusual break and accelerator which takes you at speed of almost 50kmph down the hill. It was amazing. Luge ride & sky ride tickets are in a set that you have to purchase. Sky ride was equally amazing. In this ride we were sitting on bench and it took us more than 100 feet about the ground to drop us at starting point of Luge ride. Multiple times ride discount tickets are available but I thought one ride is enough. I was totally wrong; we couldn’t resist ourselves to take one more ride.
Sky ride and view from skyride

After a short stroll though beautiful garden; we saw a Merlion trade mark symbol of Singapore.

In the night; Sentosa has Laser show “Song of the seas”. This show features pyrotechnics, water jets, brilliant lasers, captivating music with other dramatic effects.

This is the venue of Song of the sea. Photo taken before sunset and after sunset

Fire work at Song Of the Sea

From start to end this trip was full of fun. Even at the end; we took small express train to Singapore city; Can you believe…. It was free too. :)