March 20, 2009

Looking back.... (trip to Dubai June 2005)

Dubai – One of the most liberal emirates in Gulf. This was my first trip to abroad. I liked Dubai for its cleanliness, huge structures and discipline (in terms of road traffic). While landing on Dubai airport I could see desert, desert and only desert. No sign of water or greenery. Personally I don’t like deserted land. My first impression was very bad (because of desert seen from plane) but when I landed there I saw huge and beautiful airport building. My impression changed immediately as I have never seen such beautiful and huge airport in India anywhere.

After a drive for about 30 minutes from Airport I reached my hotel Crowne Plaza on Sheikh Zayed Road. This road is a tourist attraction because it is fully loaded with tall to tallest buildings. I had view of Emirates Office tower form my window. I think my room was on 15th or 16th floor. This road has almost 41 buildings having height not less than 180 meters. In the evening I went to stroll around on this road. Came back to hotel after a walk of about 1-2 hours with pain in my neck (well you can guess why it was paining).

Next day I went to place called Jebel Ali; this is a free trade zone and port. Almost all companies in Dubai are having office or factory in this area.

After finishing work on 3rd day we went for dinner in hotel. That hotel was a total maze as we couldn’t find our way to the restaurant for about 15 minutes in the same hotel. On way back to hotel I saw a black Limousine for the first time. Till date I have never seen another one in India.

On last day in Dubai I had time to go for shopping. I went to a mall called City Center. Did lots of shopping in just 120 Dirham.

After reaching airport to catch a flight back to Mumbai; I have been told that the flight is late by 3 hours. I became happy to hear that (well that’s sounds strange) because I got lots of time to do some more shopping in Duty free shops. :) After utilizing all the time given by delayed flight; I headed to security check & again same thing… My flight was further delayed. :( uhhh.... Totally it was 8 & half hours delayed.
That was only the bad experience I had in my first trip abroad. Otherwise I liked Dubai very much.

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  1. That was a nice one. Also you seemed to have spent a lot shopping duty free things for 8 hours on airport.....Publish more of travel experiences. Your writing is very lucid. Waiting for more...