May 26, 2009

Trip to Nagpur – hot city cool people

I knew only two things about Nagpur, oranges and high to highest temperature in summer. Well, I didn’t taste both during my trip. It was rainy season and I am not fond of oranges.

Before going to Nagpur I never traveled by overnight train and on upper berth also. I always feel nervous for any new experience. I was not very happy to travel overnight and on upper most berth because I had fear that someone will steal my luggage and while sleeping on upper berth I will fall down. Luckily, no such thing happened. On a contrary, I found place very cozy to sleep and journey was not boring.

We reached Nagpur about 5 am in the morning; I was surprised to see Amit’s uncle & aunt came to pick us so early in the morning. I felt very happy. Before this no one had ever come to receive me at such inconvenient time. I thought if I have to go to pick up someone at such early hours; I wouldn’t not have gone. In 3 days of my stay I have experienced the great hospitality from all the people.

I was in Nagpur mainly for Ganpati festival; so almost no chance for city tour. Only once I went to see the zoo (Maharaj Baug). Very few animals were there; spent about an hour finding them from one cage to another. While roaming in city I found one very small weird bike (see the picture below); first thing came in my mind; how can it carry two people when looking at its size one person is also heavy for bike. :)

Tiny bike called Luna

Me @ Maharaj Baug

White Peacock

Lots of deers

Squirrel - she was in zoo but not in cage

Small deer

All three days I was totally booked from breakfast to dinner to dessert. I have visited many people. I found everyone was very warm hearted. They involved me in the decoration for the festival and even in some rituals. Amit’s aunt taught me making a special pan.


Mahalakshmi & their children

Ganpati, Mahalakshmi together after complete decoration

My visit was very short according to everyone but I had no choice. Again early morning Amit cousin came to drop us to airport.
It was short but very nice trip to be in hot city with cool people around.


  1. True...people are really very hospitable. Also there are some unique home made dishes which you should try and you won't get them anywhere else in the world. You did not mention that "we had to drag kinetic for 1/2 km as the tank went dry" :-). The post is good...short and sweet...and cool.

  2. I think you ran out of wordsand liked it very much!