June 30, 2009

Jurong Bird Park

Birds are the cutest creatures on earth. They are in several colors with soft feathers. I like observing birds from my window. They are very common birds like crows, sparrows, pigeons, mynah and parrots. Common but still very interesting.

Jurong Bird Park is a Bird Lovers’ Paradise. I have never seen so many birds together at one place. We spent about 3- 3 ½ hours in this bird park.

At the entrance we received welcome by beautiful yellow chirping parrots. They were bit noisy but I loved their bright yellow color.
Started our tour from African wet land; where we saw Shoebill, great white Pelican and SADDLE-BILLED STORKS. Pelicans are great fliers; I heard that they can fly day – night without taking rest but we were lucky to spot one taking nap.

Bird Park has lots of bird shows; we could catch up with one in Pools amphitheatre where a bird named Picasso were making painting. He was good at modern art. :)

Painter Picasso

There was a section called world of darkness; Asia’s first nocturnal house. I couldn’t take photos because it was complete dark and flash photography was not allowed. Here I saw different species of Owls. It was completely different experience of having a quite walk and watching these nocturnal creatures in their natural surroundings.

Then we captured Kingfisher and Scarlet Ibises. These birds were in vibrant red color; I felt as if someone painted them in red.

Above left - Kingfisher & Other photos of Scarlet Ibises

After spotting few more birds; we entered royal ramble section. This section was filled with Crowned Pigeons – world’s largest pigeons. They were very friendly and gathered around the people.

Few birds spotted on the way

Royal Ramble - Crowned Pigeons

Next section was Lory Loft with thousands of colorful Lories all around. Best way to get closer to these most colorful creatures in the world is to feed them. This loft is as high as 9 storey building with lots of suspension bridges.

Lory Loft - Colorful Lories and suspension bridge

Next- Bird of Preys and Dinosaur Descendants. We have captured Bald eagle, osprey and hawk. Dinosaur descendants had a huge Ostrich. He was I think about 8 feet tall that we stood on bench to take the snap. Other birds were double wattled Cassowary and Rheas. Rheas resemble the Ostrich.

Bird of Preys - Above left Bald Eagle, Above right Osprey, Below Hawk

Dinosaur Descendants

Then we headed towards Flamingo pool and Pelican cove. On the way we captured yellow parrots and a yellow sparrow (she was like common sparrow but in yellow color).

Yellow sparrow and birds

As we walk further; we had most spectacular view of hundreds of flamingos in the lake. On the other side we saw beautiful pelicans.

Above Pelicans, below Flamingos

Short stroll along the lake took us to Swan Lake. This park has monorail which gives a panoramic view of the park.

Swan Lake

Next stop was African waterfall Aviary. This is world’s largest walk in aviary with thousands of free flying birds and tallest man made waterfall.

Again we came across flamingo pool. Then we walked to Parrots paradise; this section in the park was most noisy. All kinds of parrots were gathered here but in different cages.

Flamingo pool

Parrots Paradise

Took quick tour of Penguin section; this section has 200 penguins of 5 species. It was difficult for me to understand the difference in species as all of them look alike.


That was the end of bird park tour and I wanted a souvenir to take back. Actually wanted to take a bird back with me…. Hmmm…I know that is bit troublesome. ;) So what could be the best? Took a photo stop with beautiful birds all around. :D

Souvenir Photo


  1. Its a different world altogether at Jurong Bird Park. Very vibrant and colorful like your blog :)

  2. Lovely shots, makes me wish I was there.