June 19, 2009

Singapore zoo & Night Safari

Singapore Zoo & Night Safari

I love watching animals; especially wild. Whenever I visit any new city; I generally go to see the zoo. Condition of our zoos whether in Mumbai or any other city is not so good. I always feel when these animals are brought in zoo from their natural habitat; they should be kept in good conditions. It may not be possible to create exact original atmosphere but at least basic facilities like clean cages; good food, personal care should be provided.

I heard lot about Singapore Zoo from the people who had been there. It is even in one of the tourist attractions in their tourism advertisements. Decided to check it out. It is better to travel by public transport as given in website because the zoo is pretty far off. Entrance and ambiance was really good. We reached there only 1 ½ hour before the zoo closes. You actually need minimum 2 hours to see the entire zoo. We had ½ an hour less; so picked a map and started our tour. Luckily weather was good so we decided to walk instead of waiting for tram ride.

At the entrance beautiful birds welcomed us. We saw a small waterfall and some crocodiles in it. It was difficult take picture as all of them were in water. Clicked one but only tail can be seen. Next was the Otter and Tapir (Malayan). We saw this animal (Tapir) for the first time. I found this was the unique animal in zoo. He was half black and half white with long nose. Then; there was Babirusa. He is from pig family. Difference between common pig and Babirusa is his 4 tusks and size.
After a short walk we saw White Tigers. Many people were gathered to see them and taking photos but they were in their own world. Not bothered by so many people around making noise.
Pygmy Hippo; he was busy in evening walk underwater. It took pretty long time to capture him in photo. Unlike Hippo there were two snakes sleeping quietly and allowing everyone to take quick snaps. In Australian Outback section; we saw several kangaroos. They were bit far from us and was difficult to take photo but one small kangaroo came out of that section (he didn’t escape but they were allowed to go out) and we could even take snap with him (I actually touched him. I think touching animal is not allowed but couldn’t resist myself ;)). He was not anxious or scared just busy eating. After spotting Asian elephants, entertaining monkeys and Orang Utan; we moved to splash amphitheater where Sealion was entertaining people.
We entered the Reptile garden and surprised to see a long lizard lying on ground. Well, Lizard is not right word. He was Komodo dragon. I found one Chameleon on tree; he was in zoo but not part of his reptile brothers. Found few more snakes in this section.
Reptile Garden - Komodo Dragon in the Center, snakes above & below, left side Chameleon
Then I met my favorite animal giant Tortoise. There were 5 giant tortoises and several small. This small tortoise was actually running fast; I thought he don’t believe in proverb “Slow and steady wins the race”.
We spent enough time and now wanted to see the King of the Jungle- a Lion before the zoo closes. I don’t remember that I have ever seen any lion in any of the zoos. We walked fast and reached Wild Africa – We found Cheetahs, lioness, Giraffe, The King of the Jungle – Lion, Zebras. All from wild Africa and together. I felt worst part in Lion and Lioness life was their prey was in front of them but they couldn’t eat them.

Here I found each animal was so different from another. Cheetahs were too fast moving to take good picture. Giraffe had curiosity on his face; lioness was sitting quietly, lion just came out of his cave and searching something. Zebras were busy eating. We saw one Ostrich but he was very far off. After capturing all of them in camera; we moved on.
Zoo was already closed. We quickly took some more snaps of some deer, white rhinoceros and polar bear. That was end of our zoo tour; we covered almost everything. I was very happy to come to such a great place where I found all animals were happy. They were neatly taken care and original habitats were created for each animal. I think this is the best zoo in the world.
Above Rhinos, left side me & amit, right side Polar bear
After giving rest to our feet for 1 ½ hour and filling stomach; we geared up for Night Safari.

Night Safari is actually a zoo where we can see these animals in night. See them hunting. This place is right next to Zoo. It is better to walk but if you are tired; it is better to take tram ride. When we entered night safari; we saw long queue for tram ride and decided to walk down. But I think we should have taken a ride.
It is pretty dark inside and small dim light were focused on animals. As flash photography was not allowed; we couldn’t take snaps.

We didn’t see the entire night safari but saw some interesting fishing cats, Indian Ghariyal and lions.

I really want to visit this place again as we couldn’t cover much. Want to see each animal in day light and in night. This was the best experience.


  1. You may actually hamper Singapore's tourism business. Your blogs are so wonderfully written and picturised that it gives one a feeling of being there actually. Promote this to Singapore tourism and they will give you a handsome offer to not write :-). Overall a truly amazing blog.

  2. Beautiful snaps. That is a huge collection of animals. I have never heard of a zoo that is open in the night before.

  3. thanks... I also saw a zoo in night for the first time..