June 4, 2009

Vintage Cars

Amit & I are very fond of cars. We get to see Vintage cars in Mumbai whenever we visit south Mumbai. Many times Parsees are driving these vehicles. During Udaipur trip I found a grand collection of Vintage cars by King of Udaipur. This collection of cars includes models of Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ford and many other companies. They also have Jeeps of World War II, truck and school bus. We took pictures of all the cars available for display. Our guide told us that all cars are in working condition and can run well on roads because of continues maintenance since several years. The oldest car was of year 1924….

too lengthy to fit in camera

Vintage Truck

School Bus

Jeeps of World War II

Jeeps of World War II

I like this one

Amit liked it too

One and only Vintage bike


  1. Wow, vintage cars. Those are so rare and koOL. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  2. I also aspire to own one sometime. May be one of those pictured in your blog :)