July 14, 2009

Genting Highlands - Fun above the clouds

Fun above the clouds is a tag line of Genting Highland and it is absolutely true. I have never seen an amusement park at 6000 feet above the sea level. Excitement starts at Genting skyway which is worlds fastest and South East Asia’s longest cable car. This was the most exciting journey; as the cable car passes through dense forest and climbs several mountains. At one point we were totally covered by clouds. View was breathtaking.
View from Genting Skyway
View from Genting skyway (Cloudy)

Genting highland has 5 hotels; 3 theme parks, one plaza, a casino, 2 discos and many more things and all are connected by covered walk way. This was the best thing; as we don’t have to carry umbrella. It rains almost everyday.

As we were tired of whole day journey (stated from Singapore); we decided to take some rest in hotel. My room was on 15th floor with wonderful view of surroundings. When I took these snaps many places were almost covered in fog.
View From Hotel
View from Hotel (at the time of Sunset)
In the evening; we went out to explore the World Plaza. I was amazed to see a theme park inside a shopping mall; Giant wheel, dragon train and many other rides. They were placed in such a wonderful way without affecting shops; restaurants and people.
Indoor Theme Park inside a Shopping Plaza (Click on photo to get enlarged view)

Later Amit tried hands on Archery. I don’t remember how many times he hit the bull’s eye.

I got free tickets of Dreamz show for that night. It was 3 hours show; similar to circus. 5 bikers showed real stunts. They had a white tiger and a white lion as an attraction of show.

Night we took a tour of Casino. It was so huge that we couldn’t find the exit after going inside. It was full with several machines; 100s of slot machines and thousands of people playing till late night. We spent about 50 ringits.

Next day was full of excitement. Many rides were waiting for us. We spent half day in all adventurous rides. It’s better to go empty stomach in these rides. For two three rides we had to wait in long queue.
Outdoor Theme Park

Best ride was a Space Shot where 12 people are tied to the seats. They take you up to 185 feet above the ground and drop you down with speed of 65kmph. For 1-2 seconds you lose contact with seat and feel like in air.
Space Shot
Amit enjoyed the ride called sky venture. It is similar to skydiving. It gives feeling of jumping out of airplane and freefalling through sky. He got the certificate also for that.
Photos after Sky venture (Blue Dress) & during Go-Karting

We then tried Cyclone, spinner, grand prix fun kart, adult bumper car, flying dragon; these were little adventurous. Also tried the children’s rides Carousel, antique car, and tea cup. I loved spinner most; I took this ride for 3-4 times.
My favorite ride - Spinner
Antique car ride

By 4 o clock it started getting dark; not because of early sunset but due to fog. The place became so much cloudy that it was difficult to see the object at 10 feet. (See the photos below)

After enjoying these rides; we headed towards Snow World. This was the first time I have experienced the snow all around me. This was the great place in Genting Highlands.
Snow World

After taking some rest and lunch; we went for some shopping. It was great to find some good stuff like purses; earrings, shoes at 6000 feet. :)

Later in the evening we tried Venice Gondola ride inside a shopping plaza and few more rides of Indoor theme park.

Late night we headed towards Safari disco. I didn’t like this place much as they had no good collection of songs and it was only loud but without proper rhythm. Only enjoyed few drinks and headed towards our hotel. On the way we lost 50 more ringits; guess where? Couldn’t resist ourselves to visit casino once more.

Next day morning we took a cable car ride back to Kuala Lumpur. This ride also was equally exciting.
View from Genitng Skyway on the way back to KL
Genting trip added itself to my unforgettable tours.


  1. Its a different world altogether at Genting. I would recommend Genting Highlands as a MUST VISIT place before you die. If you are unable to visit then I recommend you read and store a copy of this blog which is equally MUST SEE. Too good.

  2. arigato amit... ureshiii :D

  3. Looks like it is a fun-filled trip. The shots from the top are fantastic.