July 9, 2009

Road trip – Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

We choose to go by bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. It was a 5 hours journey by a luxurious double deck bus. We got front seats with huge glass in front of us.

Our Bus - Aeroline

Leaving Singapore

Just within 1 hour we crossed the border of Singapore and entered Malaysia. One long bridge connects these two countries.

Bridge connecting Singapore Malaysia

Outside immigration hall of Malaysia I found this interesting direction indicating board. Go straight for Malaysia, take right for Singapore.

Interesting sign board (Click on image to enlarge)

Entering Malaysia

We were happy to see the long and wide and beautiful road. Nice lawns were created on both sides. I was happy to have the best view through huge glass.

The road was straight and there were no turns or twists. Initially we were excited to see such beautiful road and took so many photos. But this road continued for 250 km. All the excitement gone by the time we reached KL. (Finally Amit fall asleep).

Beautiful road

After 5 hours long not tiring but little boring journey we reach our destination. KL is bustling city like Mumbai. We captured Twin towers and KL Menara tower before entering the main city.

View of Twin towers before entering KL city

Journey is not over because KL was not the final destination of the day. After withdrawing some Malaysian ringit (*tip – it is better to withdraw money from ATM than carrying currency; it is much cheaper) we headed towards our actual destination. Read next post to find out…

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  1. The road trip to KL from Singapore is cheaper too. And no traffic jams although we went through Singapore on a working day during rush hour.