July 9, 2009

Sentosa Island - Singapore

Sentosa Island in Singapore is place full of fun. Since morning till night there are hundreds of things you can do. During our Singapore trip we had decided to spend one full day on this island. Best part of Sentosa is; travel within the island is free. :) First of all; I couldn’t believe but it is true. But only transport is free rest everything is fairly expensive.
We decided to go there by cable car. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes but it has spectacular view. It was raining on that day and but luckily rain stopped as we reached Sentosa. We opted for glass bottom cable car by paying little more than regular cable car. But the bottom was so thick that we couldn’t see anything from that.

Cable car from Singapore to Sentosa

View From Cable car

After reaching there; we bought tickets for Ocean world and took a free bus to that place. It was really fun as I could touch so many fishes; especially flying fish and star fish.
Touching fishes- I loved flying fishes; they were very playful

I had seen the Ocean world in Bangkok also. This was also similar to BKK.

Sometime I do crazy things… to spice up my trip and its memories for future; I took some snaps of mine with two snakes around my neck. Something to confess here; I was scared but still did it. :)

Afternoon we went to see the Dolphin show. This was really amazing. I have always seen the dolphins on TV and this was the first time I saw them in real.
After the show, I saw a rope bridge (as we see in the films) and wanted to get on to it. I saw a board written there which says that we were at “Southern most point of Asia Continent”. Wow… that was great feeling as I had never been to such place before.

Sentosa is full of fun and don’t allow you to get boar. After roaming around for long time; we were set for some adventurous activities. Luge ride is best activity here. It’s a small bike with some unusual break and accelerator which takes you at speed of almost 50kmph down the hill. It was amazing. Luge ride & sky ride tickets are in a set that you have to purchase. Sky ride was equally amazing. In this ride we were sitting on bench and it took us more than 100 feet about the ground to drop us at starting point of Luge ride. Multiple times ride discount tickets are available but I thought one ride is enough. I was totally wrong; we couldn’t resist ourselves to take one more ride.
Sky ride and view from skyride

After a short stroll though beautiful garden; we saw a Merlion trade mark symbol of Singapore.

In the night; Sentosa has Laser show “Song of the seas”. This show features pyrotechnics, water jets, brilliant lasers, captivating music with other dramatic effects.

This is the venue of Song of the sea. Photo taken before sunset and after sunset

Fire work at Song Of the Sea

From start to end this trip was full of fun. Even at the end; we took small express train to Singapore city; Can you believe…. It was free too. :)


  1. This blog is simply mind blowing. You have put it together exceptionally well. No wonder the followers are increasing :)

  2. dear amit,
    thanks for comment. your comments are always inspirational...
    thanks a load for taking those beautiful photos... all tht credit goes to you...