August 13, 2009

Fish Spa @ KL

It was our first day in Kuala Lumpur. We decided to visit KL Menara tower and bukit bintang.

We changed two trains and walk for about 1 km asking the address of KL Menara. Finally when we were near the tower, it started raining. We took shelter at bus stop. Waited for almost 1 hour but rain had showed no sign of stopping. Intensity increased every minute; finally we gave up and took taxi back to hotel.

Spend some time in hotel lobby. I saw a long queue starting from Hotel gate to first floor. I asked many people working in hotel about the queue. I got only one answer that there is a shoe sale going on. I couldn’t understand why to queue up for sale? We observed these people for while. The room where the sale was held was allowing only 3-4 people at time. Till end I couldn’t understand the reason being standing in queue just for pair of shoes and those were not even free. :)

In the evening we left for Bukit Bintang. This area is famous for shopping and many big shopping malls. In one of the mall I found a Fish Spa. Decided to try it. It was half an hour session and I could manage to sit for only last 10 minutes.

The moment you dip your legs in the water; 100s of fish accumulate and start biting. They actually don’t bite but when so many fishes touch their mouth to your leg it tickles horribly. I tried changing the place where there was less number of fish but no use. You sit anywhere; they understand that these are NEW LEGS ;)

Once you get used to it, then its great spa. Those fishes eat dead skin and make your legs very soft. I wish I will be able to do it again. :)

See photos below… those are my legs…. Really

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  1. I could feel my feet tickling even when i was reading your blog. Its one in a million kind of experience to opt for fish spa. I wish there were some in India too and affordable :)