November 13, 2009

Small trip to a sacred place (Satara)

I am not an enthusiastic person when it comes to visit the holy places. Main reason is most of the places are located on mountains; so you have to clime hundreds of stairs and they are always crowded.
But to my surprise this place was very easily accessible by car and was not crowded at all. Only 3-4 families were gathered for rituals. We could see the goddess and even performed the rituals properly. The entire activity took not more than one hour.

The temple was small but really beautiful. View from top was breathtaking.

One more good thing about this place was photography was allowed and I could take some beautiful photos of goddess.
Later went down to village for lunch. After lunch we started our journey back home. The road to Satara City was lonely but beautiful.

On the way we stopped for train to cross. After many years I have seen the railway crossing on road.
This was first unforgettable trip to a sacred place.

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  1. To add to this....village roads were better than the roads in Mumbai. Good blog short and sweet