March 18, 2010

Caves Expedition - Ajanta

After planning this trip for several times; I finally got a chance one weekend to go to Aurangabad to visit Ajanta and Ellora caves.

Ajanta – It is about 100 km from Aurangabad city. As this is a world heritage site; conservation is done very well. All 30 caves are Buddhist caves. 5 caves are chaitya grihas and others are monasteries. These are discovered in early 19th Century and caves are built from 2nd Century BC to 5th Century. All the painting and caves shows very heavy religious influence and center around Buddha.
Caves are situated at the wonderful location. These are the most fascinating constructions I have ever seen from the time when there was no technology available. (Or there might be a technology which we are not aware of). All the caves show strong belief and devotion towards Buddha.

Photos of several images of Buddha, stupa, Chaitya Griha, Paintings, etc.

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