March 26, 2010

Caves Expedition – Ellora

About 30 km from Aurangabad city.

Ellora has Buddhist, Hindu and Jain Caves. This is also a world Heritage Site but little neglected. These caves are built from 5th Century to 10th Century. Most important cave is no. 16 Kailasa; designed to recall Mt. Kailas. It is carved out of single rock and one of the most magnificent structures.
Buddhist caves are mainly consisting of monasteries, viharas, multi storeyed buildings with living quarters, sleeping quarters, etc.
5 caves are Jain Caves which are belong to Digambara. They all show Jain Philosophy and tradition.

**Special notes before visiting these caves; you will need to carry a torch to both the caves, at Ajanta you need to remove the foot wares outside all caves, at Ellora be aware of bats at the dark areas and avoid going to near to them.

Bhuddhist Caves

View From My hotel

Hindu Caves

Jain Caves

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