September 9, 2010

Victoria Albert Museum Mumbai

This year is bit sad for me, as I couldn’t travel much after a short trip to Pune. This year I couldn’t even visit any foreign country. But while surfing through internet; I found that there are many places in Mumbai which I have never visited. It was surprising that more than 20 places only in South Mumbai which I never visited and about 15 places I didn’t even know that exists. So, I decided to explore my very own city- Mumbai. (Exploration has already started with RBI Coin Museum about 2 weeks back)

It’s been 28 years I am in Mumbai and didn’t even know that there is an oldest museum at Bycullla neighborhood in south Mumbai. Its name is Victoria Albert Museum; now called as Bhau Daji Lad Museum.

It is the oldest museum in Mumbai showcasing the industrial arts and life in 19th Century. Grand Palladian museum building with High Victorian interiors was built in 1858. It was opened to the Public on 2nd May 1872 as the Victoria & Albert Museum. The museum was renamed as Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in 1975 in the honor of the man whose vision and dedication ensured its establishment.

Along with the several magnificent artifacts this museum has small Gallery showcasing the evolution of Mumbai from swampy group of islands known as Heptanesia into a gracious and elegant 19th Century city. The photos, maps, lithographs take you on a journey back in 19th Century when the city was built to demonstrate Mumbai’s importance as Urbs Prima in Indis.

Museum is definitely worth the visit to know more about the art in 19th Century in India.

* As the photography was not allowed inside the Museum; above 4 photos I have copied from the museum's website for the readers to get an idea how beautiful the museum is.

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  1. Very nice write up. Further, the interiors of the musuem have recently been restored and hence it looks very rich. Worth a visit if one is interested to know the lifestyles of people in 19th century.