January 18, 2011


Since Diwali I became very busy in my work and some travel for work. Well… that can’t be the perfect excuse for not writing blog. Honestly speaking whenever I found time either I spent in playing Farmville or reading book

Diwali weekend became truly excellent because of my dear guests. Because of them I could visit Hajiali Mosque and Crawford Market.

This was the first time I went to see the Hajiali; I have been born and bought up in Mumbai. I must have been passed through Hajiali for hundreds of times. But Diwali was the day when I actually entered that monument.

It isn’t great from inside but the walkway leading to Mosque goes through the sea without any walls along side. Initially I felt scary thinking what if I fall down in sea. But not to worry… there are several kids jumping and swimming around all the time. They can easily save you.

After visiting the mosque I felt very satisfied thinking that now onwards whenever I will pass thought this road I will have no feelings of not visiting such famous mosque in my own town.

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  1. It is indeed true with many people in mumbai, that they have been living here but have not been to haji ali. I was one of them. Thanks to you, since because of you i got an opportunitiy to visit this magnificient place. Must visit.