February 21, 2011

Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Kanheri Caves

Next day was bit relaxing; around 12ish we went to National park (We are lucky to have national park in the middle of residential area.). But because timings didn’t match; we couldn’t go for lion and tiger safari. So we went to explore Kanheri Caves. Influence of budhhism can be seen here as well. These caves date from 1st Century BCE to 9th Century CE.
Photos of Flora-fauna and Kanheri Caves
In addition to above; recently we went to see Lion and Tiger safari at National park again.
This time we were lucky to reach on time. Safari is absolutely inexpensive (Rs. 30 per person); hence you can understand how many animals you can see.

There were few tigers in cage and one lion sleeping and some deers. Well check the below photos especially for lion. ;) (Find lion in photo)

Dinner at Gajali & Harley Davidson

Evening after creating some noise and air pollution (firecrackers) we decided to have dinner at Gajali (Famous for sea food).

While waiting for our car; I saw this grand imported bike outside restaurant; I guess it was Gajali’s owners’.

February 3, 2011

Leopold Café at Colaba causeway

I had been there earlier but purpose of this visit was different. Nothing noble… just wanted to try large pint of beer which comes in long and slender vessel with tap. I had seen it earlier on other people’s table but was not sure if only two people can finish it. This time our beloved guest helped in fulfilling my small dream.

After having big pint and some snacks; we headed back to home.

Crawford Market

Continuing my Diwali weekend; after the mosque next stop was Crawford market. My impression was about the market was as wholesale market where people come to buy the stuff in kilos (tons may be). Hence it never excited me to visit. But couple of month ago I read article in Mumbai Mirror newspaper about few shops in this market I jumped with joy. Since that day I was just waiting for opportunity to go there.

In the article, they have given list of 5 shops out of which 3 caught my attention. 1. Japanese food 2. Exotic Fruits 3. Chopsticks shop. Believe me or not since the time I learned eating by chopsticks and since the time I started learning Japanese I was always on hunt for Japanese food shops and chopsticks shops but I could never find them anywhere. Hats off to the person who found such gems from the market of labyrinth.

Finally I could buy sushi rice, sea weeds, wasabi paste (recently ended up giving to one of my Japanese boss because we didn’t like the taste at all), buckwheat soba noodles and udon noodles at very cheaper rates. Also set of chopsticks at throw away prices. And some real exotic fruits like Rambutan(This become my favorite since colombo trip). Finally in one small stainless steal utensils shop I found beautiful Tiffin box.
Shopping ended there and we headed to our next stop.
(Sorry no photos; I will click some when I will visit again)