February 21, 2011

Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Kanheri Caves

Next day was bit relaxing; around 12ish we went to National park (We are lucky to have national park in the middle of residential area.). But because timings didn’t match; we couldn’t go for lion and tiger safari. So we went to explore Kanheri Caves. Influence of budhhism can be seen here as well. These caves date from 1st Century BCE to 9th Century CE.
Photos of Flora-fauna and Kanheri Caves
In addition to above; recently we went to see Lion and Tiger safari at National park again.
This time we were lucky to reach on time. Safari is absolutely inexpensive (Rs. 30 per person); hence you can understand how many animals you can see.

There were few tigers in cage and one lion sleeping and some deers. Well check the below photos especially for lion. ;) (Find lion in photo)

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  1. He he he. The Lion is amazing. What a pose. He was the only animal in entire park, to not be in cage.