April 1, 2011

Chandani Chowk to Red Fort

This must be 15 minutes walk though small and crowded alleys. It is part of old Delhi. While going to Red Fort we hopped on to Cycle Rikshaw. This is my favorite mode of transport (wherever available) for short distance. Unfortunately this is the only thing not available in Mumbai. After reaching The Red Fort we found there was a long queue to enter. As we were short on time we decided to click few photos only from outside.

While returning to metro station; we found this beautiful temple with seven horses riding a chariot. As this temple is tucked in cluttered housing; I don’t know how many people actually noticed it.

Streets of Chandani Chowk area were bustling. Many old building were holding loads of signboards and footpaths were packed with small shops and hawkers. Those old buildings were like a man with wrinkled face. Looking at the changed time with no expressions. Or there might be expressions but due wrinkles we can’t see them.

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