July 12, 2011

Abandon Houses

I really feel sad about abandon properties. Even about the ruins. Whenever we visit ruins of forts, palaces; my husband always says "How this place was about few hundred years ago? Who was the last person to lock this place down? What he had felt that time?" He says all these things without fail for each ruined place. I actually started to paint picture on those lines about the prosperous time of that place.

Small Town of Udwada

This time during trip to Udvada; I found so many such houses. It was surprising as the town is too small to have many abandon houses. Some of those seems to have been locked up since 30~40 years. Floor, walls, gates were covered by weeds and even big plants.

Below house which I found near Daman - a town on sea shore. It must be the best house of that time. It was overlooking sea and there was a river flowing in front of the house. Nice bridge was constructed over the river which was leading the beach. Thought came in mind; what if that house would have been mine.

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