July 15, 2011

Fort but not in ruins

All the forts I have seen are ruins but to my surprise there is still one fort exists which is very much intact. In my recent trip to Daman - a sea shore town about 180 km from Mumbai; I got chance to visit Daman fort aka Moti Daman Fort.

Like every time I have expected nothing but huge outer wall and wrecks inside. But this fort has everything in working condition; a church, a school, a secretariat, a light house (actually two light houses- one old & one new), a post office, a monument and moreover lots of houses.

That place took me couple of centuries back. This was the most amazing place I have seen. The way my husband think about abandon places now I started thinking about the people who are residing there. How they must be feeling to live inside the fort in 21st century? Or it is just like another place for them?

I don’t know what others feel but I definitely felt thrilled while standing in the middle of Century old but still intact fort.

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