September 17, 2011

Nubra Valley

Continued our journey from Khardungla pass; first stop was Sumur Monastery. This was built in 1841 and most important monastery in Nubra valley. Like Thiksey Monastery; this also has huge statue of Maiterya. 

In the monastery campus we found lots of apple trees and one apricot tree. This was the first time I ate apricot directly from tree and not dried form. Like a child I picked up handful of apricots that had fallen around tree.  

Later we visited an unusual place. I could never imagine it exists in the mountainous terrain. It was sand dunes. From a distance; it felt as if someone has created it with tones of sand and is not natural. But it was very much natural; a wonder of nature. 

As it was a tourist spot; we even enjoyed the double hump camel ride. My camel Marie was really naughty; I was not even seated properly on her back and she started walking as  her own (without anybody holding her leash-- scary).  

This day was full of excitement. In a single day I witnessed mountains, river, green pastures, snow, desert and everything within 100km. So much of diversity in such small area was definitely a nature’s wonder.

Later we retired in the guesthouse in Diskit village. Next day morning before we start our journey back to Leh; our host offered us a local speciality butter tea. Strangely it had pinkish color and made of salted butter and tea leaves. I liked it but couldn’t finished more than half cup.

After returning to Leh; first time we took round in Leh city. Found one rooftop restaurant. I ate mouthwatering grilled sandwich and Amit had hearty Chicken Thukpa (noodle soup with chicken).

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