September 28, 2011

Pangong Tso

I have fallen in love with this place since the time I saw hindi movie 3 Idiot. Climax of the movie is shot here at the lake.

We started early in the morning and reached in about 5 hours. Like Khardugla pass; here we travelled via Changla pass. 

En route we saw a small herd of yaks. Even at one place yak ride was available. Since the time we left Mumbai; Amit must have said “I am going to take Yak ride” hundreds of time; I had doubt if it is available anywhere. But when we found place where tourist were riding the Yak; he felt it was uninteresting because Yak was pretty calm and not wicked like my camel Marie. 

Like sand dunes in Nubra valley; here as well small area was covered with sand. 

Finally after 5 hours of drive we reached Pangong lake. It is a salt water lake. Such huge water body. It is only 30% in India and 70% in China. 30% is also big enough. Sadly it was cloudy on that day; otherwise I heard that we can see 7 colors of lake on bright sunny day. Well we could see two three.

On the way back; river side was so photogenic that we stopped for the photo. Now when I see it on bigger screen; it seems to be stolen from some website. ;)

This was the last day in Leh; next day we had early morning flight. Night I slept with heart full of great feelings; no more mixture; no more anxiety. 
Although Leh-Ladakh is touristy but not commercialized. And the best part... people in Ladakh; all of them were extremely hospitable and always ready to help. 
It is not always the place but the people also make the trip memorable. 

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