November 30, 2011

Dhuandhar Fall

First two photos are ground shots and other three are aerial shots.

Dhuan means Smoke & Dhar means Fall; smoky waterfall...
About 27km from Jabalpur

November 29, 2011

Jabalpur India

My week long vacations in second half of the year are overwhelming. Ladakh’s memories were still fresh and my mind was still rambling on the snow covered mountains and banks pangong lake. And within two months I found myself in a very sleepy non-touristy town of Jabalpur.

So what’s in Jabalpur? Honestly speaking not much to see apart from a small museum and park with lake(sort of Jungle walk). 

But there were some amazing places around this sleepy town. Wait for my next post...

PS - This was my first trip to MP (Madhya Pradesh - state in India) and it was full train journey on Indian Railway; distance travelled was more than 3000km in 7 days.