March 29, 2012

some more beach photos

here are some more beach photos.

and it seems travel bug has bitten me again. after weekend trip to beach now i will be off to mountains for a week. this time journey is very long. i will be taking flights, rail, bus, road and probably traveling on foot as well. can i call it "embarking on a journey"? ;-)

i took some photos by film camera at beach but couldn't utilize the complete film. so planning to take photos of mountains and will share both once i get the prints. keeping my fingers crossed for good prints. (you know my film camera is older than me.) :-)

March 27, 2012

trip to beach

luckily i had long weekend and i could take road trip to beach. beach was in remote village and i could spend weekend just relaxing.

March 22, 2012

wild flowers

i don't know why but i like unknown wild flowers more than the roes, dahlias, lilies, jasmine...

no one tend them, water them, care for them but they still bloom giving equal or for me more happiness.

last couple of weeks i was capturing these wild beauties around my home.

++ i will be off to beach. planning to use film for photographing.

March 18, 2012

Japanese festival

yesterday i went to japanese festival. i was lucky enough to see Maiko dance (maiko means apprentice Geisha) Wadaiko (japanese drum performance) and Robot performance.

+ Anime screening 
+ Casual fashion show by a brand called "satisfaction guaranteed".
+ Sudoku learning
+ Several stalls promoting cute japanese products

Left - Maiko Right - Geta (traditional japanese foot ware)

Maiko dance

Wadaiko performance

This performance is called irodori means colorful

Robot performance


March 16, 2012

japanese mood

i like everything about japan; their culture, perfectionism, cuteness in all products and what i loved most is sushi and sake and also tempura.

these days i am in complete japanese mood. waving japanese hand fan ( due to ac failure in office), eating crispy nori (seaweed), eating sushi from sushi and more and luckily cool japan festival is this weekend. I am all set to go there.

Will share some photos from festival (if photography is allowed).

++ some links

++ kawai (cute) japanese stickers

++ these dangle earrings from japanese fabric

March 10, 2012

Sushi and more

i found about Sushi and more through newspaper. we tried sushi with salmon and veg bento box and loved it so much. i think next time i will try tempura. 

must go place if you are fan of japanese food and you can even buy some japanese goodies.

March 8, 2012

woke up early to take some photos and capture morning light. since long i wanted to take these photos. i am lucky to have piece of jungle near my home.

did i mention this is my commuting route to office?