May 21, 2012

in full bloom...

call it Delonix Regia, Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant, Flame Tree or Gulmohar... right now it is in full bloom all around me... it is everywhere, near my home, on my way to work; feeling streets with vibrant colors and beauty.

Photos look almost same but i took it at several different places. & i like flamboyant name most... 

May 20, 2012

day out in mumbai...

after spending 3 days at home in sickness; today i went out to south mumbai. spend half day driving on sea-link, taking photos of skyline, eating japanese food at sushi & more (i was too hungry to take photos; i ate bento box and vegetable tempura), spent some time at rhythm house, later in the evening spent some time drinking coffee, eating sandwich and waffles at Kala Ghoda cafe, later while returning home capture sunset and dark clouds at worli seaface. 

Ah... it was wonderful day.

May 15, 2012


lately i am enjoying cooking and eating simple food. this weekend i tried pancakes. this is extremely simple recipe but i was not confident enough of my cooking skills. but pancakes turned out just the best and photo perfect. {only first one turned little black because i forgot to simmer}

{I used the recipe from as it is}

May 6, 2012

St. John in wilderness

St. John in wilderness is a neo-gothic church located in forest near mcleodganj (actual place name is Forsythganj). during my stay i visited here twice. about 1 km walk from mcleodganj. best place to spend some quite time and experience true wilderness.

May 5, 2012

Rogpa is a Tibetan word meaning trusted friends and helpers

Rogpa cafe was tinny- tiny cafe in mcleodganj. It is a cafe and shop. I went here once during my trip and kept going nearly everyday. Met some wonderful people who were volunteering. If you want to volunteer then its a great place and if you don't have enough time (like me) then you may help them by buying some recycled stuff like small purses, accessories (I bought earrings made from old newspaper). Also you get wonderful coffee and desserts here. All the proceeds of this cafe and shop goes to welfare of tibetan refugees.

{Oh yes... what i ate and drank here - jasmine tea, cappuccino, lemon honey ginger tea, toasted sandwich; of course not on same day. although i photographed vegan cake here i actually ate marble cake.}