July 11, 2012

little walk

two weeks before; i went to most northern suburbs of mumbai. i used to go there to visit my relatives when i was kid.

now the locality has changed so much that i could barely remember anything. it was good in a way because i could stroll through small forgotten alleys and found some nostalgic buildings. it was refreshing break for me.

{all photos taken by iPhone camera, so please forgive for not so good quality}

# Taken from train

# tree trunk & stray dog

# clockwise - Ducks near pond, temple, small unknown tree bearing round fruits and pond overlooking water storage tank.

# Old school, reflection of tank, om written on temple wall and old house

# ruined house, more ducks, colorful temple and corn cob on fire

## This photo might look odd here. But i went all the way to northern suburb to attend a engagement ceremony. my photo quality is really bad but mehndi on her hands was looking fabulous. 

July 9, 2012

tiny momo cafe

While in mcleodganj; i ate momos nearly everyday. but somehow i didn't take a single photo. 

I found this tiny momo cafe on the way to bhagsu fall and i thought i will buy some and have it while dipping the legs in cold himalayan water. but they were so tempting that i ended up eating it even before reaching fall. 

Though i am calling it a momo cafe; it was merely a hut made out of stacking slates. still it was charming.

July 1, 2012

Lung Ta - Japanese restaurant - mcleodganj

I loved this restaurant so much; that I ended up going there nearly four times during my trip. Food was delicious and very reasonable. Restaurant was always packed. If you are visiting mcleodganj; then I certainly recommend this place.

Roasted tea and lemon curd was my favorite (shown in 2nd photo); apart from that I ate tempura, kakiagedon, rice balls and okonomiyaki.

{Spotted this cat; eating with eyes closed}