August 28, 2012



i just pop in to say hello...

i will share my recent monsoon trip photos soon.


i found this lovely post with interesting conversation on Spain Daily's blog. i think i found her blog through Ida's blog. both of them takes lovely photos. be sure to check out...

In my bathroom...
Me: I use almond oil infused with lavender on my body, I wash my face with honey and my hair with beer. I bet I´d taste delicious roasted...
Jorge: There is a saying in Spanish, "There is only one thing you can do with an old chicken... Make soup..."
Me: So what are you saying?... I´m a chicken?
Jorge: Yeah... that´s it....

August 13, 2012

finding pine cones

remember i promised in my previous post that i will share what i collected during my small trek.

i found pine cones.

i have only seen them in movies or in photos or in other people's blogs.

i collected lot many and then somehow carried them all the way by cab, by train and by flight to my home with some purpose in mind...

well... i will share my purpose with you in next post. for the time being enjoy these photos.

August 6, 2012

everything for view

{walking trail and view}

i usually don't like to trek, hike much. but i walk a lot whenever i go to new place; i love to explore it on the foot.

after about 3-4 km of walk to bhagsu fall; i was enthusiastic about walking on this trail for view. trail road was not so good and it involved little trek too. But everything is OK for view... total distance to top was only 1 km but walking with me isn't easy... it means stopping every two minutes for photo. it took me nearly 30 minutes to reach top {normally one can reach within 10 minutes}. on the way i took hundreds of photos... some of them are here.

at last view of kangra valley on one side and snow capped mountains on the other

oh yes... on the way i found something and i collected and brought home. i will surely tell you in my next post...

August 5, 2012


i experienced this unusual event "moon rising". during my stay in mcleodganj, i enjoyed late evenings sitting in my balcony and trying to figure out where the snow capped mountains are in the pitch darkness.

one day when i saw bright light somewhere on the mountain; i thought its a truck's headlights but the light became more bright and i thought it must be halogen light but to my surprise it was moon rising from the mountains.

i tried to capture this somehow; photos aren't that good due to lack of tripod and due to lack of my knowledge of night photography... 

i hope you will still enjoy the pics. (first two photos look like sunrise but it is actually a moon as bright as sun)