August 28, 2012



i just pop in to say hello...

i will share my recent monsoon trip photos soon.


i found this lovely post with interesting conversation on Spain Daily's blog. i think i found her blog through Ida's blog. both of them takes lovely photos. be sure to check out...

In my bathroom...
Me: I use almond oil infused with lavender on my body, I wash my face with honey and my hair with beer. I bet I´d taste delicious roasted...
Jorge: There is a saying in Spanish, "There is only one thing you can do with an old chicken... Make soup..."
Me: So what are you saying?... I´m a chicken?
Jorge: Yeah... that´s it....

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  1. hey p! thanks for stopping by. and thanks for your kind words. you have a lovely blog. your photos are wonderful. it´s fun to see what you get up to. :)
    big hugs!