September 23, 2012

little weekend in mumbai

this is how my weekend was. filled with rain, sun, little pink flower bloomed on my plant, tea in bed, drive to town, taking pictures of old houses, heritage buildings, ad banners and sea link, pizza and pasta for lunch and coffee and cheese cake in the evening... overall it was filled with loads of happiness. :-)

September 15, 2012

weekday and weekend

This was my week...


Cold and turmeric milk

Visit to local fair, eating candy floss, shooting balloons...

This is my weekend...

Ate simple food at home.

And found these lovely pink lady fingers at local market.

September 7, 2012

Monsoon Trip - Part II

monsoon trip day two was filled with foggy weather. we walked in fog, drove in fog, took photos in fog. :-)


this week's first half was really tiring. monday it rained so so much, tuesday and wednesday stuck in terrible traffic. thursday and friday went ok. i am happy the week is over and weekend started. have a happy weekend.

September 1, 2012

Monsoon trip - Part One

photos of my monsoon trip; just as i promised. nature was beautiful, green and overwhelming. 

Will share part two of my trip soon.