November 25, 2012

chor bazaar finds

Couple of days ago i went to chor bazaar (mumbai's flea market). best place to find vintage stuff. as this was my first visit and i didn't know what to buy; how much to pay; i collected these.

Random photos, wooden photo frame and small candle dish. i liked the photo with four siblings; it is from 1915.

I hung the frame and stuck all photos on wall and bought candle for candle dish.

Also I bought this novel at booksellers at flora fountain curb. they have hundreds of thousands of books and this novel is from 1972; i wasn't hoping to get it; but bookseller found it within ten seconds from the huge mountain of books. many times i heard from people that 'you can find any book here'; and i think i can believe them now. 

++ bookseller offered me option of returning it in good condition and i will get half the money back.


  1. There's something magical in old photos. I really can't understand how people are willing to let go of them, but that's lovely for us who enjoy them! I always want to make up stories for unknown people in the pictures. :)

  2. Hi Anna. Thanks for stopping by. I totally agree with you. I collected some more old B/W photos from my in-laws. will post about them later.