December 20, 2014

snail mail ♥

here are some photos of lovely letters that i got from katie and my letters to katie, sara and toi!
these were taken many weeks ago but i totally forgot to share them... i also had photos from sara's letter but i think i lost them somewhere :(

it is such a joy to send and receive little snail mail 

December 7, 2014


hello hello...
i have been busy entire last week and many more days before that. 
and finally i opened my etsy shop - Little Envelope Shop.
i will be selling handmade envelopes and tags sets as of now. 
please spread the word and if you like do buy something from it. 
first buyer will get one envelope set free with the purchase.    


December 1, 2014

1st December

Wow... november is already gone. i must say it was month of black and white colours. i shot total three rolls of b/w film. spent lot of time in darkroom developing and printing. sadly my class will be over tomorrow and i won't be able to use the darkroom any more. i can still use in the future but have to pay hourly rent. 

and we have reached in the last month of the year. how fast the times flies. this December i will complete two years in Singapore. after two years finally i feel that i am settling down in this little foreign country...

Have a Happy December 

November 27, 2014

Thank You!

on the occasion of thanks giving day, i want to thank all my dear readers for taking time to read, appreciate and comment on my blog. you comments really encouraged me to take more and more (analogue) photos and keep blogging. 
hope in the coming many many years you will continue to support me.

November 23, 2014

Bali {iii}

last of bali's photos...

blue water, ocean, beach, sunshine, ancient temples, sunset, cliff and crashing waves (do you see those in last photo?)

November 18, 2014

darkroom prints

my first ever...

i am so excited, i printed these two in the darkroom. first one my teacher help me with and second one i did all  by myself. so you will see it is completely out of focus. i forgot to adjust the focus. i will print some more today evening and may tomorrow as well. my scanner was meant for paper and not for photos so quality of scanning is just too bad. 

i would love to hear from you. any tips-advice-suggestions-experiences on darkroom printing are welcome...

November 16, 2014

Bali {ii} - rice terrace

Last entire week went super busy. Yesterday i printed few more photo in the darkroom; planning to use it again on Wednesday. (i will show my photos as soon as i get it scanned.)

in my last post i promised rice terrace photos; here are those. we reach rice terrace in the evening after some shopping at Ubud market. timing was perfect. golden light filled the rice paddies. we found lovely canopy to sit. we sat there until sun set, watching the light fade away from paddies.

PS - please have a look at facebook page of my dear friend Polly & Jacopo - LINTUSTUDIO

November 8, 2014

Bali {i}

trip to Bali was short but very refreshing. first day went in traveling and long and tiring immigration process. after reaching hotel i was completely exhausted to go anywhere. luckily beach was right in front of our hotel. we spent evening watching sunset and collecting little sea shells.
next day we hired bike and went to Goa Gajah temple. weather was terribly hot. after visiting temple we went to ubud market for some shopping. market was filled with little locally handmade things. after the market visit we headed to rice terrace.
rice terrace is beautiful place and need it's own blog post. i will post more photos of it soon. stay tuned. 

November 1, 2014

1st November

colors of october were colors of autumn - red, yellow, brown. i didn't get to see them in real but Polly and Evelyn's autumn photos made me really happy.
overall october was the happiest month. almost all weekends i spent outdoor; visiting botanical garden, bukit batok national park and short trip to Bali. spotted new birds, tried double exposure for the first time - i am yet to see the results though. and i also joined short course for black and white photography. for the first time i will develop and print my own photos. can't wait.  
have a happy november...

October 26, 2014

buoy cafe

while wandering on hase-kamakura streets; i saw this cafe. i was hungry, so just went in to check it out. one obāsan was running this tiny cafe. it was filled with lovely old things. and i had the best spaghetti and omurice ever...

October 20, 2014

pulau ubin

on an incredibly hot day i went to pulau ubin. it is a beautiful small island short boat ride from singapore. even though it is a part of singapore it is far different from the city. while i was exploring around it suddenly started raining but after the rain place became more beautiful and fresh.
i wish to go there again but on a little overcast day.