senbei {煎餅}

little senbei shop in kamakura 


kamakura - hasedera {iii}

this is the last set of hasedera photos.
Some amusing things were beautiful idol in shrine 
{i didn't see the no photography sign. :p}
writing kanji on stone, holy text and stamps received from shrine, 
prayer cards and big feet floating on water. 
every moment spent there was peaceful. 


kamakura - hasedera {ii}

some more photos of hasedera.
beautiful green garden,
tiny statues arranged in neat rows,
small pond, white flowers and old shrine...


kamakura - hasedera {i}

Hasedera was beautiful shrine on small hill,
it was good that i reached there in the evening
when light was prettiest!
Hasedera also has beautifully curated japanese garden!


Little Shop - Kamakura

i found this shop/ cafe selling souvenirs near daibutsu
souvenirs shops in japan are so different from elsewhere and sells all pretty things in prettiest packaging. 
i found bought this cat coin pouch. ;)
With very little space in my baggage i could hardly buy anything. Next time i will go to Japan with big empty bag and fill it up with tons of little kawai things...


Kamakura - Daibutsu

daibutsu - big buddha in Kamakura or to be exact in Hase.
it was huge bronze buddha statue and extremely bright sunny spring day!
and all my photos got overexposed!!


Happy Mothers Day

to dear mom...

{photos taken at asakusa tokyo}


kamakura - hokokuji temple {ii}

few more photos of hokokuji temple...
sakura petals have fallen everywhere...


kamakura - hokokuji temple {i}

while in tokyo, i took a day trip to lovely small town kamakura. it was incredibly bright sunny day with cool spring breeze. my first stop was hokokuji temple. it has pretty bamboo garden and small shrine. you can drink freshly prepared green tea while watching peaceful scenery and falling sakura petals. i felt it was perfect place for meditation.