August 27, 2014

one year of film photography ♥

exactly one year ago today i posted film photos on this blog. not for the first time but for last entire year i have been posting only film photos. can't believe it is already one year, time flies so fast...
loving film photography 

ps - i found something interesting "distorted gravity".
ps 2 - i have changed font to default (times) i hope it looks good.

August 19, 2014

illumination at sagamiko

i was lucky to go to sagamiko. it's actually a resort but during cherry blossom season there is illumination done on small hill. On the day i visited, sakura was in full bloom (called mankai). i missed the mankai in tokyo but got to see it in sagamiko.
i prefer to take photos in daylight and am not confident about night time photography. but surprisingly these photos turned out really good.
hope you will like it. if you get a chance do visit sagamiko in spring.

PS - we played in mirror maze and it was so tough to get out that at one point we became restless and i was bit scared. ;)

August 7, 2014

home cooked {ii}

these were taken few weeks ago when i felt the need for little adventure in cooking; so tried some cactus for lunch. I also tried sautéed brussels sprouts and red endive with avocado dip for the first time.
{red endive with avocado dip - recipe here}

I would love to hear you about your cooking adventures too. do share in comments.

August 1, 2014

1st August

July was white; full of freshness, hopes, dreams and peace. 
new apartment, new view and new profile at work. 
Even with many days gone in moving to new apartment, sickness, birthdays and all; i found good amount of time to read three new books, cook almost every night and post letters to friends. 
But i missed my visits to botanical garden or trying new places and cafes. Now that i feel bit settled; i hope to have lot of outdoor time in august.
Hope July was good to you! Have a happy August!