September 27, 2014

boats, ferries, ships...

one of the oldest form of transport
still in existence (of course with improved technology)!
i love to travel by ferry (and aircraft too). 

what transport mode you like most?

September 21, 2014

books books books!

I read plenty many books. I am sure many of you read plenty many too. But i believe there is one book which is so special that we keep going back to it. No matter how many times we read, never get tired of it. 

For me that book is “vyakti ani valli” by P.L. Deshpande. It is in my language Marathi. Several interesting characters are portrayed in this book. My favourite character is Nanda Pradhan. it is a poignant story; i envy him and at the same time i feel pity. 

Apart from my most favourite book; I mainly read english classic novels and some short stories and novels by Indian authors. I even read all the Jack Reacher books too. ;)

I would love to hear what books you read and do you have any favourite? 

Currently reading - Mansfield Park (recommendations are welcome!)

September 14, 2014


since last several days i am watching or wanting to watch films like finding fanny, finding vivian maier, where's sandra?, ship of theseus... bit strange... what am i looking for? 

photos taken on slide film at Ang Mo Kio park

September 8, 2014

Taman Rama Rama

taman rama rama; i loved this name; means butterfly park in malay language. on one rainy morning i went to butterfly park in kuala lumpur. as i entered the park it stopped raining and little butterflies started flying again. in the park, apart from colourful butterflies, there were koi fish, little spiders, dragon flies and quirky frogs.
Spider in the last photo was too small and thin to focus.

September 1, 2014

1st September

August was not full of adventures but it was of better health, lots of work and impromptu weekend road trip to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. It was also a month of receiving beautiful letter from lovely friend! and of eating lots of moon cakes

I received a small bag filled with moon cakes, candles, paper lanterns and two red plastic sticks (i don't know the use, perhaps for holding the lanterns) from a local community organisation named REACH. It provide help and support to families and individuals. Such a wonderful initiative!

PS - August was mixture of red, yellow, brown. similar to the colours of autumn. it brought lot of warmth.  Have a happy September!