October 26, 2014

buoy cafe

while wandering on hase-kamakura streets; i saw this cafe. i was hungry, so just went in to check it out. one obāsan was running this tiny cafe. it was filled with lovely old things. and i had the best spaghetti and omurice ever...

October 20, 2014

pulau ubin

on an incredibly hot day i went to pulau ubin. it is a beautiful small island short boat ride from singapore. even though it is a part of singapore it is far different from the city. while i was exploring around it suddenly started raining but after the rain place became more beautiful and fresh.
i wish to go there again but on a little overcast day.

October 10, 2014


this is my 200th post on this little blog
it took me nearly 7 years to reach here
needless to say i am bit too slow in blogging
however i am picking up and posting more often
ever since i have taken up film photography...

have a good weekend...

October 1, 2014

1st Oct

september was incredibly hectic and stressful. now it’s over and i am relieved. rainfall is so less this year and day time heat is unbearable. i stayed indoor during daytime and had few outings in evening to f1 qualifying session (got free ticket), arab street and little trip to botanical garden. 

hopefully october will bring more happy and rainy days. have a happy happy october!

ps- september was blue like monday blue
ps2- i took this photo in very low light and thought nothing will come out but it turned out well. i was getting ready for second shot but all the birds disappeared.