December 20, 2014

snail mail ♥

here are some photos of lovely letters that i got from katie and my letters to katie, sara and toi!
these were taken many weeks ago but i totally forgot to share them... i also had photos from sara's letter but i think i lost them somewhere :(

it is such a joy to send and receive little snail mail 

December 7, 2014


hello hello...
i have been busy entire last week and many more days before that. 
and finally i opened my etsy shop - Little Envelope Shop.
i will be selling handmade envelopes and tags sets as of now. 
please spread the word and if you like do buy something from it. 
first buyer will get one envelope set free with the purchase.    


December 1, 2014

1st December

Wow... november is already gone. i must say it was month of black and white colours. i shot total three rolls of b/w film. spent lot of time in darkroom developing and printing. sadly my class will be over tomorrow and i won't be able to use the darkroom any more. i can still use in the future but have to pay hourly rent. 

and we have reached in the last month of the year. how fast the times flies. this December i will complete two years in Singapore. after two years finally i feel that i am settling down in this little foreign country...

Have a Happy December