December 1, 2014

1st December

Wow... november is already gone. i must say it was month of black and white colours. i shot total three rolls of b/w film. spent lot of time in darkroom developing and printing. sadly my class will be over tomorrow and i won't be able to use the darkroom any more. i can still use in the future but have to pay hourly rent. 

and we have reached in the last month of the year. how fast the times flies. this December i will complete two years in Singapore. after two years finally i feel that i am settling down in this little foreign country...

Have a Happy December 


  1. I hope you'll still find the time and money to use the darkroom after your course is over, dear!
    Beautiful photo! Have a wonderful start of December!

  2. What an awesome photo! Have a wonderful December! :)

  3. Beautiful photograph! Happy December Pratiksha <3