February 20, 2015

Bombay / Mumbai {i}

i always wanted to take black and white photos of mumbai. somehow i liked my city in old b/w photos. unfortunately i didn't have much time and i took only 1 roll. (silly me). although photos didn't turned out very well but i am satisfied that i could capture maximum possible places in short time and in 1 roll.

hope you will like these photos. i will share few more in another post.

And while shopping around in the city i found a wonderful coffee table book showing photos of old bombay taken during 1929. That I will show you later sometime.

PS - i liked Bombay more than Mumbai

Asiatic Society, Central Library

Gateway of India

My favourite balcony

old building

Regal Theatre

David Sasoon Library

VT Station

February 14, 2015

Valentines day and love letters

celebrating valentine's day in a solitude while eating some love letters... Yes! eating :) 

see the photo of love letters. 

hope you are enjoying this day with your loved ones. 

Happy Valentines Day! 

February 1, 2015

1st Feb

hello hello,

I am still unable to pay attention here on my blog. But i promise next week onwards i will be posting more regularly and i will visit all of your blogs too. I know i am missing too many lovely posts from my dear friends...

so this is how my January went

* i spent few days relaxing at home after trip to India
* quit my job! YES. it was very difficult decision. (I still have to work the next whole week and then i will be totally free)
* stepped into the world of uncertainty; where i have no income and i am living in foreign country.

i am little nervous and worried about the future. 
well the goal is to re-start my career as freelance interpreter; however at this point i have no idea how much i will succeed. 

all i can say is i am hoping for the best but not completely prepared for the worst {sigh}

hope January was good to you.
have happy February.