February 20, 2015

Bombay / Mumbai {i}

i always wanted to take black and white photos of mumbai. somehow i liked my city in old b/w photos. unfortunately i didn't have much time and i took only 1 roll. (silly me). although photos didn't turned out very well but i am satisfied that i could capture maximum possible places in short time and in 1 roll.

hope you will like these photos. i will share few more in another post.

And while shopping around in the city i found a wonderful coffee table book showing photos of old bombay taken during 1929. That I will show you later sometime.

PS - i liked Bombay more than Mumbai

Asiatic Society, Central Library

Gateway of India

My favourite balcony

old building

Regal Theatre

David Sasoon Library

VT Station


  1. Such an incredible place and so different from anything I have ever seen with my own eyes!
    I like the tones of these a lot, they do make me think of an old coffee table book!

    1. thank you polly! :)
      personally i didn't like these photos much because they are so grainy. But i am happy to be able to take these during my trip.

  2. Oh wow, these buildings are so majestic. I think the b&w made them appear like in a dream. So beautiful, Pratiksha! :)

  3. Even I prefer Bombay to Mumbai:)
    Lovely photos Pratiksha and I see The Balcony is getting renovated.

    1. I always wanted to rent that balcony. ❤️ and I always loved Bombay so I wanted to capture it in BW.

  4. Really nice bw shots! City looks amazing with all those grey tones. :)

  5. the tones and the mood here are wonderful Pratiska :)

  6. oh, these photos look like they're suspended in some sort of timelessness ♥ i love how bombay looks in b&w

    (when i was in in school it was taught as bombay, so for me the city will always be bombay and mumbai will remain as the name of my favourite indian restaurant in town hihihi)

    1. thank you toi! i think bombay looks best in b/w.
      what did you learn about bombay in school? and it's really interesting to see such a connection of you with bombay and mumbai both. :)