March 26, 2015

walk in the woods

two weeks ago, one saturday, i packed my lunch and went for little hike in the woods. although it was very hot day, large tropical trees provided cool shade. along the way spotted many fallen trees and all types of fungi growing. also found lots of touch-me-not growing along with grass. surrounded with nature for few hours left me completely refreshed for the rest of the week.

and thank you for your comments on my last posts. your words are truly encouraging. i have submitted some of those photos for my b/w class exhibition. :) i will keep you posted on that. 

March 13, 2015

Bombay / Mumbai {ii}

here is the last set of photos from bombay / mumbai. these are not at all good; because light was too harsh and i had no filter.
but i am happy to look at these because in a very short time and with only one film; i could still capture all possible places and things that represents bombay // mumbai.

BEST bus - public transport bus

Boats around gate way of india

Chowpatty - it' a beach but you won't find anyone in beach-clothes 

Flora Fountain

Municipal office building

old and new Taj Hotel buildings

old building

old building

part of VT Station


street artist

victoria - horse carriage for tourists

March 1, 2015

1st March

February is gone... so fast
This was the first month in many years that i thoroughly enjoyed.
I spent my days reading books, watching movies, taking (few) photos, taking walks, cooking everyday, writing letters to friends, making little things for upcoming art market and spent sometime doing absolutely nothing.
I am feeling lot better.

Hope February was kind to you.

PS - this photo was taken few years ago when i first used the film camera. i still remember that beach vacation. and that's me in the photo.