June 11, 2015

off to a little trip

tomorrow i will be off to a little trip.
hopefully i will come back with a new perspective, vibes and lots of photos...

what are your plans for this weekend?

June 1, 2015

1st June

May was the season of mangoes. season of alphanso {a mango with divine taste}.

i also spent it exploring some new places in singapore.  And had my first wild encounter with thin and long snake. i realised it's a snake just a fraction of second before i was going to step on it. i step back hurriedly and caught my breath. before i could capture him on camera it disappeared under the wooden walkway. 

lastly; i made few envelopes and stickers for art market and sent many letters and postcards.

hope June will be kind to you and me. And i will be able to take a little trip somewhere!