July 22, 2015

Birthday and giveaway winners!

This was best birthday ever...
filled with lovely people and thoughtful gifts.

And thank you for participating in my little giveaway - here are the winners

Silvia - set 4
Monika Milkos - set 2
Sara Martins - set 1
Damaris - set 5
Anna Nycz - set 3

{Damaris and Anna - please give me your email ids or please send me your address on pratiksha227@gmail.com}

{Silvia and Sara i already have your address; so i will send the prints there}

{Monika - i have sent an email to you}


  1. Glad that you had a lovely birthday!! :) and suuuper yay! I'm sending you an email with my info right away!

  2. Thank you :) soo excited!

    Happy bday :) hope you've had a splendid day :)