August 30, 2015

Iceland - South to East {ii}

from vík to djúpivogur we came across most stunning places on the earth. first was laki volcanic area (read about LAKI here), skaftafell glacier, jökulsárlón iceberg lagoon and most amazing mirror reflection of mountains.

August 27, 2015

Iceland - South to East - {i}

this was the longest drive in a single day. we drove more than 500 km; stopping at many places. 
after leaving the the old farm house we went to see the plane crash site. it was few kilometres off the road but still many people visited. i also saw a beautiful yellow flowers field

then we drove towards black sand beach. this was the longest beach i have seen in iceland. i loved the sky it was half clear and half cloudy. on the cliff there was a huge colony of puffins but they were quite far for taking photos. i watched them for sometime as they were flying back and forth bringing fish from the sea. 

here are some photos taken on that day. i will share more in part two.

ps - in the 4th photo the tiny black dots are actually the puffins. 

August 24, 2015

Iceland - Kerið crater and seljalandsfoss

after visiting strokkur and gullfoss, we went to thingvellir national parkKerið crater and seljalandsfoss. And then i parted ways with my friend because we were staying bit far away places. i was pretty tired from traveling entire day so i retired early at the farm house we were staying that night. It was the quietest place i have even been. More about that later.

Kerið crater has most amazing colour contrast. I wish i could have stayed there more but the wind was too cold. at last when i reached seljalandsfoss the light was the best. i stayed there for a while and spotted a couple taking wedding photos climbing on the small hill near the waterfall.

PS- don't forget to look at my videos - sounds of iceland on vimeo

August 19, 2015

Iceland - strokkur & gullfoss

Its been a week since i came back from Iceland but every single day i am thinking about those 10 wonderful days spent there. i don't want my memories to fade.

And finally i got my photos developed. so next few weeks its going to be iceland iceland iceland on the blog.

a weirdest but happy coincident happened. my friend who lives in Japan was traveling to iceland exactly on the same itinerary as mine. i learned it after reaching reykjavik. i was so delighted that we decided to travel the first day together and visited the golden circle.

It was bit too crowded but the irruption of strokkur and the expanse of gullfoss was magnificent.

here are some photos from the first day...

ps - i have captured the sounds of iceland at different places and the link to those videos is here. let me know how you like it.

August 12, 2015


physically i am back to singapore but my heart is still somewhere in the magical iceland. it was the best trip ever. although the trip was really short and most of the time rainy; i was able to see geothermal areas, lava fields, glaciers, waterfalls and mountains. drove through thick fog and long tunnels. met some icelandic sheeps, horses and birds. even went to sea to watch the whales.

i am yet to develop my photos; so in meanwhile i am sharing few instax photos that i have taken during the trip.

i have also made some videos using my iPhone capturing sounds of iceland. you can find the link below to my vimeo page or at the side of the blog page.

August 1, 2015

1st August

July was the best month.
i celebrated my birthday.
received lots of wonderful presents.
and while you are reading this; i have begun my journey in Iceland.

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{before going to Iceland i am spending one day in Copenhagen}

Hope August will bring loads of sunshine and fun filled days for you!

Mountains - this is where my heart belongs...