August 1, 2015

1st August

July was the best month.
i celebrated my birthday.
received lots of wonderful presents.
and while you are reading this; i have begun my journey in Iceland.

follow me on my 10 days trip around ICELAND on my - Facebook page & Instagram
{before going to Iceland i am spending one day in Copenhagen}

Hope August will bring loads of sunshine and fun filled days for you!

Mountains - this is where my heart belongs...


  1. iceland has been high on my to-go list lately.
    have lots of fun!

  2. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Iceland, dear P!

  3. Iceland!!! Have an amazing time! But who I am kidding, it's Iceland, sure you will have a wonderful trip! :) Off to add you in my IG!

  4. hope you had a lovely trips! from the pictures you shared it looks like it was! :)

    1. thank you silvia! trip was best ever! i hope your trip was good too!