September 28, 2015

Iceland - Blönduós

Blönduós was another little fishing village like Djúpivogur. before leaving this lovely village; i 
decided to take a walk on the estuary; where blanda river met the sea.

early morning many birds were gathered on the river bank. i wanted to take a closer look but arctic terns didn't like this idea and came attacking. i felt bit scared and decided to leave the place and go to the cliff.

from the cliff i could see the entire village and also the vast ocean under the grey sky.

last photo is our guesthouse; one of the oldest building in Blönduós.

September 25, 2015

Iceland - Route F35

F35 was the only highland road we took. we traveled from Blönduós to Hveravellir and back. 
On this approximate 168km long road we saw only one man-made building. (see the first photo). This day too was cloudy and rainy and most of lakes and mountains en-route were covered in thick fog. 

Hveravellir was geothermal area with hot spring pool. i so was tempted to take a dip but then we had to drive back to Blönduós on same day and the weather was too cold.

September 20, 2015

Iceland - Hverir

we stayed in Akureyri for three days to explore the surrounding areas and also hverir and viti crater. but it rained all three days.

below photos taken at hverir where colours of the ground was astonishing and last photo at viti crater which was engulfed in fog.  at hverir while taking photos my hands were freezing from cold rain and camera was completely drenched. but i am glad film was not spoiled.

September 14, 2015

Iceland - East Fjords to North

our journey from east fjords to northen iceland was full of fog and rain. landscapes became more magical. mountains behind the clouds felt like hiding some secrets. 

driving through green mountains and cliffs, we reached gravel / sand dunes. here wind was so strong that i could barely stand still to take photos. i saw a poor seagull trying to fly against wind but couldn't. he seems stranded since long time. i fed him some biscuits and said goodbye. i hope he reached home safely.

watch my little videos here - sounds of iceland 

September 11, 2015

Iceland - to Seydisfjordur

after the excursion around Djúpivogur; i met my friend and had lunch while watching boats on harbour. that day we decided to go to Seydisfjordur.

weather was perfect and sunny. but that was the last sunny day in my trip.

towards Seydisfjordur we experienced the dense fog. all we could see is the lights of the car ahead of us. i took all the photos from running car.

half frozen lake was the most mesmerising sight.

September 7, 2015

Iceland - East Fjords

after my morning walk; we left Djúpivogur and went back few kilometres looking for the birds that looked like swans. but they were all gone to deeper sea.

so instead i saw these wonderful sites...

blue sky and blue sea 

mountains and clouds rolling in...

a man happily paragliding 

thick cloud from sky to sea (never seen such a sight)

lonely farmhouse

September 4, 2015

Iceland - Djúpivogur

Djúpivogur was the most adorable village i have ever seen. when we reached there; we were completely exhausted from our journey of more than 500 km; hungry and tired. 

next morning i woke up fresh and decided to go for walk on the hill nearby. the view was most amazing with mountains, ocean, yellow flowers, ducks swimming in the cold water, a lighthouse in a distance. while i was walking down the hill a tiny bird followed me. 

in that moment i felt i can spend my entire life there. 

September 1, 2015

1st September

august was the best month in this year so far!

trip to iceland was most memorable trip ever. i look at the photos every day because i don't want my memories to fade.

besides iceland august was overall very happening month for me. i watched film sitting on grass under the sky. went to night festival. went hiking in tropical forest. visited old railway station. took some solitary walks in the park. wrote few letters to the friends. received a lovely letter from russia and also a post card from iceland that i sent to myself ;)

and learnt this new word that describe my feelings - fernweh 

hope september will be kind to you and me.