September 4, 2015

Iceland - Djúpivogur

Djúpivogur was the most adorable village i have ever seen. when we reached there; we were completely exhausted from our journey of more than 500 km; hungry and tired. 

next morning i woke up fresh and decided to go for walk on the hill nearby. the view was most amazing with mountains, ocean, yellow flowers, ducks swimming in the cold water, a lighthouse in a distance. while i was walking down the hill a tiny bird followed me. 

in that moment i felt i can spend my entire life there. 


  1. Gosh, why would you ever leave? What a beautiful glimpse of God's creation. Seriously astounding. I love all the littel yellow flowers & the bird story. :)

    1. Erin i regret every single day.. why i ever left that place. one day i will go back for sure. <3
      Thank you!

  2. Those yellow flowers, I remember them so well. Dreamy photos of a dreamy place!