September 14, 2015

Iceland - East Fjords to North

our journey from east fjords to northen iceland was full of fog and rain. landscapes became more magical. mountains behind the clouds felt like hiding some secrets. 

driving through green mountains and cliffs, we reached gravel / sand dunes. here wind was so strong that i could barely stand still to take photos. i saw a poor seagull trying to fly against wind but couldn't. he seems stranded since long time. i fed him some biscuits and said goodbye. i hope he reached home safely.

watch my little videos here - sounds of iceland 


  1. Gah, gorgeous. I love that you fed him biscuits. A little snack for the journey!

    1. Thank you Erin!
      I hope that bird reached home safely!

  2. I love these, such dramatic images! Also, I'm glad you fed that poor seagull; I also hope it made it home safely!