December 1, 2015

1st December

November was overall a good month, filled with food, people and light. I visited many new and old places. Spent lot of time outdoor soaking in all the festivities of town. Created few new things for my little shop.

And suddenly today I realised it is the last month of this year. How time always flies! 

Hope December will bring lots and lots of wonderful days for you and for me!

Have a happy december 

I still think about Iceland everyday, every single day! 


  1. Wishing you a lovely and happy December too dear friend! And so good to read your November was good.

    1. thank you sweet nini <3
      hope you are having wonderful time!

  2. Have a happy December too, dear P!
    Hard to believe November has already gone... It's not such a nice month in Finland, so I'm happy December is here!

    1. Thank you Polly. I hope december will bring lots of wonderful days to you! <3