lets say goodbye to 2016

Last day- last post of the year!

2016 was a good year in many ways. I saw many changes in myself in a good way.

Hope this new year will bring lot of happiness in everyones life.

Have a Happy New Year!!!


1st Oct

September was very tiring month for me. at last it is over and everything went well. 

hope October will be beautiful and exciting for you and for me <3


moments of solitude

i spent two days in mumbai before coming back home. i was down with cold and fever; so spent most of my time in a cozy hotel room. these black and white photos shows those moments of solitude. some time i like the alone time but that time i felt so lonely.

things that represents bombay

old tiles // tired legs

jasmine flowers

corner of room with old trunks

reading in bed

postcards for friends


memories from India

in July I spent 3 weeks in India. But to be honest took hardly any photos. It's been quite a while I came back home and sometimes days have been long and grey. Finally I got my film develop and here are some of those photos...

this is the only photo of me in the entire trip


pigeons on rainy day

path lined with eucalyptus trees

writing postcards in the field

little kittens kept me company 

beautiful book help me calm down while traveling

quintessence of Bombay 

accidental multiple exposure


1st July

half the year is gone and half is yet to come.
hope it will be filled with adventure and excitement.

Have a Happy July!

PS - i will be traveling this month, almost entire month. so i will see you again in August <3 meanwhile you can find me here alwaysinsearchof


light in the woods

deep in the woods, light is filtered through leaves and branches of tall trees. it feels magical. and every time i take a walk i find something interesting. 

this time i found an endangered species of fig tree. the tree starts it's life on the host tree and slowly engulf it with it's areal roots and branches. 

strange fungi growing through foliage 

fig tree


1st June

May is gone and so is the heat wave. Finally we are having little better days filled with rain and thunderstorms. Especially, i love the afternoon thunderstorms. Somehow they have calming effect. <3

Hope June will bring lots of sunshine to you.


looking at everything from a different perspective

when finally sun hid behind the clouds, i came out of a shelter and lied down on the hot grass. i took few photos while lying down looking at everything from a different perspective. <3


windy day at beach

Our memories of the ocean will linger on, 
long after our footprints in the sand are gone.


memories of road trip

little memories from the hills
tea gardens, lovely cottage, ancient trees filled with moss, cold air and misty mornings !